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The art of island living…

Set on one of the world’s finest beaches, The Crane was founded as Barbados’ first resort in 1887 and has always attracted a special kind of person to its extraordinary expanses of sand, spectacular vistas and unspoiled coast.

Set against this backdrop is an exceptional piece of Caribbean real estate, featuring an established luxury resort community with an enviable range of world-class amenities and services that truly perfect the art of island living.

Residents can savour superb local and international cuisine in one of five restaurants, including Barbados’ number #1 Zagat Rated restaurant, Zen; meet friends at one of The Crane’s two ‘historic’ bars; indulge in shopping, entertainment and more in The Village, the hub of The Crane community; and experience Crane’s spectacular cascading pools as well as its spa, tennis and fitness facilities.

…and so much more

The Crane enjoys an abundance of luxury amenities and services but for many, it has become so much more. Naturally attracting like-minded individuals who prize peace, tranquility and natural beauty, there is a tangible sense of community that exists among residents, guests and staff.

Residential ownership in this one-of-a-kind Barbados property is a unique investment that pays dividends in the form of an enviably luxurious yet truly relaxed lifestyle, welcoming smiles and a lifetime of cherished memories.